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Zonez Concentration Suite



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Zonez Concentration Suite

The Zonez Concentration Suite phone booth is a fully-enclosed structure that provides complete privacy for workers to engage in confidential calls or basic every day to day activities. This phone booth recognises no two offices are the same and hence adaptability is at the core of its design. it is available in two levels of STC privacy. STC35 and STC42 adapting to the specific needs of each workplace.

The exterior of the Zonez Concentration Suite phone booth can be covered in either P.E.T. acoustic panels or aluminum panels available in a variety of colors. to make sure it matches and/or enhances pretty much any existing d├ęcor. On the inside this phone booth provides an atmosphere of real quietness and peacefulness. the internal P.E.T acoustic panels not only perform acoustically. they also create a sense of safety and coziness. while the clear glass door gives a sense of connection to the exterior world.


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