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China Lawyer Consulting Firm

We are good at dealing with legal affairs of Chinese enterprises. The legal consulting services we provide include but are not limited to: real estate lawyer consulting, construction engineering lawyer consulting, enterprise dissolution and liquidation, corporate bankruptcy reorganization, Chinese civil legal services, Chinese real estate legal services, Chinese investment and financing, Real estate lawyer business, construction engineering lawyer business, international trade, maritime affairs, commercial litigation and arbitration, contract disputes, private lending, etc. Over the years, Attorney Tian has provided customized legal services to clients and successfully handled various cases of negotiation, mediation, litigation or arbitration, and has been well received by domestic and foreign clients.

Foreign Investment Legal Services

We provide legal services for direct investment of various enterprises in China, including the establishment or expansion of wholly foreign-owned enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino-foreign joint ventures, foreign-invested joint stock companies, foreign-invested companies, and foreign-invested partnerships its legal entity in China. Experience in the traditional service field of foreign direct investment has involved almost all business fields, from real estate, finance, securities, insurance, construction, materials, machinery, chemicals, energy, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, automobiles, integrated circuits, electronic products , communications, media, Internet to logistics, transportation and infrastructure, etc.

Real estate and construction lawyer consultation

We have a legal consulting team of real estate lawyers and senior lawyers in the field of construction engineering. We have a large number of successful cases in the field of legal services in real estate and construction engineering, and have accumulated rich experience in legal practice. We mainly provide the following multi-faceted services for domestic and foreign customers Legal services: legal consultation of lawyers for real estate and construction disputes, legal consultation of lawyers for construction disputes, legal consultation of lawyers for infrastructure project construction.

M & A lawyer consultant

New establishment and absorption merger of foreign capital; foreign capital merger or sale of domestic enterprise equity or assets; foreign capital enterprise equity change, liquidation and cancellation; foreign enterprise global merger and reorganization involving the legal support of the Chinese business part, etc.

What we do for you

international trade

PandaCu’s legal team has accumulated sufficient practical experience in international trade litigation, international commercial arbitration, international trade fraud, letters of credit, overseas debt collection and other related fields. We represent clients in litigation, arbitration, non-litigation dispute resolution, and foreign trade negotiations of the above-mentioned international trade cases. We can provide legal advice on international trade litigation, international commercial arbitration, and international trade fraud.

Contract dispute

PandaCu Law Firm focuses on providing legal services for various contract disputes, avoiding potential legal risks or losses for clients and striving for greater benefits. The legal consulting services for contract disputes we provide include: contract formation, contract validity, contract performance, contract termination, contract violations, contract regulations and other legal consulting services.

Equity dispute

Our legal services cover equity disputes, equity transfers, equity allocations, equity financing, equity pledges, international trade and investment, maritime affairs, corporate legal affairs, real estate and construction projects, intellectual property rights, financial banks, capital markets, and foreign-related laws The main service areas of law firms such as legal affairs; especially in corporate bankruptcy, dissolution and liquidation, corporate mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing, construction projects, foreign-related civil and commercial matters, high-end litigation and arbitration, etc.

Chinese trademark

Trademark-related business mainly includes: providing trademark search services for clients; handling trademark application procedures and trademark review procedures; representing clients in administrative procedures such as trademark opposition, trademark invalidation, and trademark revocation; representing clients in filing various trademark administrative lawsuits; conducting trademark infringement analysis ; Drafting or revising legal documents such as trademark licensing contracts for clients; providing clients with corporate trademark strategy advice, etc.

China Patent

Patent drafting and patent application procedures for invention, utility model, and design patents (including domestic applications and international applications);

Provide patent search services;

Provide customers with patent validity and stability analysis;

Represent clients in administrative procedures such as patent reexamination and patent invalidation;

Investigate and buy samples of patent infringement products; comparative analysis of patent infringement;

Formulate patent infringement rights protection measures for customers, file patent infringement lawsuits or conduct non-infringement defenses, etc.;

And provide clients with legal consultation and drafting of legal documents on contract legal issues such as patent transfer, patent cooperation, patent development, and patent licensing;

Provide customers with legal services related to patent review such as high-tech enterprise identification and standard implementation.

Maritime Merchant

Mainly engaged in legal affairs such as international shipping legal consultation, port management legal consultation, ship transportation management legal consultation, general average legal consultation, marine insurance claim settlement legal consultation, ship mortgage legal consultation, etc., especially for transnational maritime maritime litigation and non-litigation business Rich experience, with good professional ability and social background, has provided effective and high-quality services for various domestic and foreign customers in various maritime affairs.

About Us

The legal services of this law firm cover the main service areas of law firms such as international trade and investment, maritime affairs, corporate legal affairs, real estate and construction projects, intellectual property rights, financial banks, capital markets, and foreign-related legal affairs; in corporate bankruptcy, Dissolution and liquidation, company mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing, construction projects, foreign-related civil and commercial matters, high-end litigation and arbitration, etc. have comparative advantages.

Our Industries

intellectual property

Intellectual property and trade secret protection in China, trademark, patent, copyright, copyright and various licensing and transfer projects, information network, domain name, e-commerce: including access arrangements, licensing, outsourcing, e-commerce, advertising, logistics and knowledge Legal advice on various matters including property rights

Chinese legal advisor

Provide oral or written advice on legal issues involved in the company’s legal operations or other commercial activities, including relevant international and domestic laws, policies, etc., and draft, review, and revise contracts and other legal documents and rules and regulations for the company

International Trade Law

Drafting, reviewing, revising and translating written documents such as international trade-related contracts and agreements; conducting business investigations on trading partners, including the qualifications of cooperation subjects, information on changes in contract subjects, risk information on contract subjects, information on business operations of contract subjects, etc.; trade cooperation process Among them, the design and arrangement of major transactions, the supervision and implementation of main business contracts, and the handling of commercial negotiation projects

Foreign-related civil and commercial

Drafting and review of foreign-related transaction documents; investigation of the legal environment of investment destination countries; foreign-related investment disputes (including the establishment of enterprises); providing consultation for government departments on approval, filing, and registration procedures; assisting in commercial negotiations throughout the process, and providing legal advice on special issues; Special training on the laws of the destination country; overseas acquisitions and listings (direct listings and backdoor listings); due diligence on overseas investment projects


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