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Zonez Collaboration Suite Pod



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The Zonez Collaboration Suite meeting room is a large enclosed room that can house up to eight people within a comfortable. private space. Due to its ample dimension. this meeting room can serve the function of a conference room. It is fully equipped to perform this function without difficulties but without the costly and lengthy processes involved in building works to construct such structure from scratch. It is a free-standing structure without a floor. and built in with P.E.T. acoustic panels or aluminum panels for the exterior and P.E.T. acoustic panels in the interior. providing two levels of sound absorption: STC35 and STC42.

The Zonez Collaboration Suite meeting room comes with a full glass wall. transom lights in the opposing wall. and an end wall suitable for supporting meeting room technology. The entry wall features a self-closing storefront glass door. and each suite includes a 6″ P.E.T open baffle ceiling to further enhance acoustics. There is also the possibility to customize the look of this meeting booth by selecting panel finishes from a variety of colors available and also personalise the configuration of window or solid wall. image-printing on surfaces and the ability to hang cabinets on walls.


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