SoundProof Room Work Pods for $3300

Zonez ADA Pod



SKU: 813


The ADA Conversation Suite is a free-standing. self-contained work pod that provides a space for workers to have private and comfortable meetings or simply. a space to work in isolation or as a group. It is made with recycled materials and it is ADA compliant. adhering to the required standards for access and use making this meeting booth accessible to everyone in the office.

The ADA Conversation Suite is available in two acoustic levels: STC35 and STC42. providing the ideal levels of privacy according to each individual office space and with a choice of P.E.T. acoustic panels or aluminum panels for the exterior and P.E.T. acoustic panels for the interior available in a variety of colors. this booth is a truly adaptable structure.

In addition to the variety of panel finishes. there is also an option to choose combinations of window and walls configuration to create the needed look and make sure this meeting booth will blend in and/or stand out from any pre-existing office decor.


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