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Verandas Pod System

Verandas Pod System is an ultra modern looking unit. with a modular design that allows endless reconfiguration options. This large meeting pod system provides quiet and private spaces where peers can gather to work or meet for formal and informal purposes alike. It is available in a variety of sizes to comfortably fit small or large groups of people at once. so that it can be the perfect meeting solution for many different organisations with different needs and staff numbers.

One of the most characteristic and useful aspects of Spacestor’s Verandas Pod System is its modular design. which allows it to easily reconfigure the acoustic pod by adding one or more adjacent units. Inside Verandas Pod you can find a completely functional and comfortable meeting space. equipped with PIR lighting system. power outlets and a unique room cooling and temperature control system. which allows airflow through the walls to keep the room fresh and ventilated.

It is also possible to further equip this meeting pod with a UV air cleaning system and CO2 detector. A variety of furniture options can also be added and depending on the chosen size. you can choose from tables. desks. work benches. shelves. bench seats. monitor brackets. etc.



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