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Silent Room XL Pod



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Silent Room XL

Silent Room XL is. as its name indicates. an extra large meeting pod. that allows users to instantly add large spaces that are private and quiet. Similar to other Large Pods. as well as with the variety of furniture and configuration options available.  this meeting pod can easily function as a large team meeting room. a staff canteen. or an elegant boardroom. It has a highly customisable design that is characterised by a simple. yet elegant look. with clean shapes and line. and because it is available in a variety of finishes. Silent Room XL can go from the simple. through the modern and highly sophisticated. 

Silent Room XL is highly configurable. while the standard design is for a melamine shell. there is an option to have it fully upholstered. in a variety of colours and tiered combinations. There is also the possibility to have the back in glass. with the side wall either upholstered or in melamine. On the inside. Silent Room XL is equally highly configurable in terms of its design. you can have a number of finishes and colour combinations for the fully upholstered interior and the melamine media wall. This large meeting pod comes with a melamine floor. covered in a neutral grey carpet which not only helps improve the overall acoustics of the pod. but it also creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere. 

Silent Room XL is a highly configurable and adaptable.  multi-functional pod. that can be modified to suit a wide variety of purposes and needs. Its clever design allows for a high number of modifications that can create a truly bespoke pod. tailored to fit the needs of even the most demanding users. 


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