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Silent Room Pod Large



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Silent Room Pod Large

Silent Room Pod Large offers a solution to the difficulty in finding spaces where to meet as a team within open plan offices or crammed office buildings. it provides a fully enclosed unit that is large enough to fit up to four people. Collaboration and teamwork are highly important and encouraged in every office and Silent Room Pod Large allows this. Silent Room Pod Large is a great way to add meeting rooms to areas where space is limited and where budgets need to be observed.

This large pod is a quick and relatively economical solution to the lack of private and quiet spaces where teams can meet and work collaboratively. This meeting pod comes flat-packed so it can be taken into pretty much any space. It can also be assembled and disassembled as needed. thus saving money and time with possible office relocations.  Though practical. Silent Room Pod Large is also sturdy and provides a solid enclosed unit. fully fitted with motion activated LED light and ventilation system. power and data connection points. as well as a central column where a monitor bracket can be mounted for video conferences and team presentations.


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