SoundProof Room Work Pods for $3300

Residence Phone Booth



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Residence Phone Booth covers the necessity to have a quiet and private place for workers to avoid the common distractions of the office and make private calls or engage in tasks requiring full concentration. thanks to its acoustic properties. Residence Phone Booth has been acoustic tested to provide 29db sound absorption. due to the use of furniture-grade wood exterior with acoustic baffles; while still creating a sense of belonging and collaboration with the larger office space thanks to its acoustic laminated clear glass door.

On the inside. work optimization is brought to the max as this phone booth is fitted with a table top that can be placed on different heights as necessary to allow for health-promoting standing work or. if comfort is preferred. it can be fitted at normal seating height and add a fitted seat in matching wood finish and upholstered cushion of your choice. The phone booth is completely functional. fitted with motion activated LED lights and air circulation system making sure employees can pleasurably work from day to night. cold and heat.


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