SoundProof Room Work Pods for $3300

Residence Duo Pod



SKU: 989


The Residence Duo Pod is the ideal solution for office spaces in desperate need of private rooms to hold small meetings of up to two people without having to embark on costly and lengthy building works. This meeting pod is an enclosed. self-contained. fully functional structure with advanced acoustic properties. it has been laboratory tested to 29db. The structure in itself has a simple. yet elegant design with premium furniture-grade wood wall panels on the exterior that are available in a variety of finishes to match even the most demanding office interior concept.

On the inside the Residence Duo Pod has laminated walls available in a variety of colours to match or contrast with the external panels. The rear panel can also be acoustic laminated clear glass to match the doors. which provide a view to the office. keeping workers connected with the exterior while in complete solitude.


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