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Residence Connect ADA Pod



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Residence Connect ADA Pod

Introducing the futuristic Residence Connect ADA Pod – the ultimate video conferencing pod for solo professionals! With cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates with virtual platforms. you’ll be able to host engaging online meetings or calls with ease in any location. Experience crystal-clear sound quality thanks to acoustic properties designed to enhance your virtual presence.

Investing in the Residence Connect ADA not only provides a functional and comfortable working environment but also shows a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in the workplace.

The Residence Connect ADA is an excellent option for those who want a workspace that is both stylish and functional. It’s no wonder why it’s becoming a popular choice for companies who value the importance of universal design.

With the Residence Connect ADA Pod. your comfort is top priority. with adjustable lighting. personalized temperature control and adaptable desk and monitor heights. Get ready to elevate your workspace game like never before! This acoustic pod allows companies who are short on room availability and meeting areas to have private spaces in any desired location that are accessible to all.

Residence Connect ADA Booth provides private and quiet spaces required to carry out private and professional virtual calls. it is fully enclosed room. with four walls and a wood exterior available in either plywood finishes or MFC in a variety of colors Residence Connect ADA Pod offers the same quality of space. equipment and performance as the standard Residence Connect Work Booth but with the added benefits of being ADA compliant and accessible to all workers.

This ADA work pod is a one person pod. made with a focus on video conferencing. an incredibly useful structure with the rising popularity of hybrid work. where staff are moving towards a predilection for remote/virtual meetings rather than face to face encounters in person. This work booth has efficient and complete tech equipment making it perfect for all Zoom calls and meetings.

Modern work locations are undergoing a seismic shift – one where employees are scattered across multiple sites and areas. With virtual connectivity being the go-to. collaboration and teamwork are being maintained albeit in a different manner.

But this transformation presents a challenge – one that the current workspace is not equipped to handle. As video conversations become the new normal. what was once a simple chat room. now requires privacy and acoustic control. and an open plan office space just can’t cut it – that’s where the Residence Connect ADA Booth comes into its own.


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