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The workplace continues to change. Employers need to stay ahead of the curve by converting open-office floor plans into more versatile, modular, accessible private workspaces. With the addition of mobile office pods within a workspace, all of that is possible.
Office pods are a great way to improve workspace efficiency because they:
Block out sound to reduce office noise
Are great places for neurodivergent employees to work
Are perfect for conference calls
Provide an excellent area for small teams to meet and brainstorm
Lower the stress levels of employees and improve their wellbeing
Can be moved within an office space, or even taken with you if you relocate, cutting out the cost of building and losing that investment
This list is not exhaustive. There are many more benefits to having office pods in the workplace.
Units are larger in size and features when compared to equally priced competitive units.

Easy Set-Up
Lightweight aluminum walls are easy to set-up and collapse day-to-day.

Sound Dampening
Wall and door technology offering up to four layers of material to stop unwanted noise.

Units have the largest and strongest, fully adjustable desk and shelf space. Fully ADA compliant with easy entry and exit.


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