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Mews Meeting Pod



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Mews Meeting Pod

This is an elegant meeting pod with an ultra chic design. that can fit up to two people at one time. It can be better described as a room within a room. fully enclosed to make sure privacy and quietness is kept intact. While the design of this meeting pod is so unique and highly aesthetic so that it seems more like an elegant meeting room than an office pod. Mews Meeting Pod has a squared shape. with sharp and delicate lines and edges.

It has a black frame that protects the external. fully upholstered walls that are available in a variety of finishes to match or contrast with the darkness of the frame. The front panel of the Mews Meeting Pod is made of 6mm toughened glass and a 8mm toughened glass door. whose design has been enhanced with vertical and horizontal bars that create a minimalist. square pattern.

The pattern on the glass panel of this meeting pod creates an aesthetic visual focal point. as well as adding to the privacy of the pod. There is also a discreet. yet completely efficient privacy strip. located at seat height to make sure users are kept undistracted.


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