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Kolo Meeting Pod



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Kolo Meeting Pod is inspired by the word Colloquy. The range is designed to offer peace and quiet in the open office to conduct a private conversation or focused work. Co-working and open plan spaces are not always perfect.  For example. people having quick meetings at their desks can distract others around them. Kolo Meeting Pod solves the problem. It’s as simple as putting up a Do Not Disturb sign. Simply go into the Kolo Duo for some peace and quiet. It offers a great space for a meeting. video-conference or private work. Keep the office flexible and take privacy with you – wherever and whenever you want.

Kolo Meeting Pod comes with seating and a table. providing a functional work and meeting space. With power outlets in reach. the meeting pod has everything needed for conversations with your colleagues and focused work. or just to get away from the office chatter. With a 35db acoustic rating. you can be assured of privacy and the interior can be personalised with dimmable lighting and ventilation.


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