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Kolo Meeting Pod



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Kolo Meeting Pod

Kolo Meeting Pod is a medium size meeting pod that can fit four people comfortably. Its main purpose is to offer peace and quiet in any open plan office. making it the ideal place to hold private team meetings. one to ones. or simply sit in solitude. for a moment of peace. Kolo Meeting Pod solves the common issue of people having quick meetings at their desks. which can be highly distracting for people working in the same space. Adding a Kolo Meeting Pod to your space makes achieving privacy and quietness as easy as putting up a Do Not Disturb sign. Users can simply step into this meeting pod and instantly benefit from added privacy and quietness.

This meeting pod offers a great space for focused work and team meetings in todays modern open workstyle. or even for virtual conferencing as it can be further equipped with a monitor bracket. Similarly. it is typically provided empty so that you can add your preferred furniture option that can more easily the specific use you want to give it. For example. you can add a central table. flanked by chairs or sofas to create an ample. standard meeting room. or equip it with a high table and bar stools. for a more relaxed look. It can also be used as an executive suit when equipped with a desk and a chair.


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