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Just Booth Phone Booth



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Just Booth is a simple structure that provides a fully enclosed. private space for making calls. or simply to escape the chaos and noises of all busy offices. This phone booth has a delicate design that is simple but modern. clean lines and shape that can easily complement any pre-existing decor. Keeping it simple. Just Booth is made of a metal frame with a melamine covered shell available in white or gray. with a 5mm toughened glass door with acoustic foil.

On the inside. Just Booth is covered with acoustic panels. fully upholstered in a variety of colors. as well as a carpeted floor. to further aid sound absorption. The design of this phone booth and the available finishes offers a good variety of options to meet all interior design needs. neutral exterior colors that can contrast with bold colors inside. or match to keep it timeless and unintrusive.


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