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Just Booth Meeting Pod



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Just Meeting Booth is a simple structure. a room within a room with an intelligent design and a fully functional integrated equipment that makes it the perfect addition to any office. Just Meeting Booth is a fully enclosed unit. big enough to comfortably host two people inside. for informal team meetings or confidential one two ones. Thanks to the simple structure and complete equipment of this meeting booth workers can have a quiet and comfortable space where to work.

On the outside. this meeting booth is constructed of a metal frame covered with cellular board and melamine that comes in two simple finish options: white or gray. which keeps this booth simple yet easy to match with any office decor. The front wall of Just Meeting Booth is made of toughened glass and a door with acoustic foil to keep sound absorption efficient. On the inside Just Meeting Booth is also simple. yet complete. the walls of this meeting booth are covered with fire retardant. upholstered panels. available in five colors. Hereby things are kept simple and practical by minimizing endless choice and still provide a variety of finishes that can fulfill all design needs.


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