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Into Concept Large Meeting Pod

The Into Concept Large Meeting Pod has an  impressive. insulated structure. providing superior acoustic protection. This large adaptable Meeting Pod is a popular choice for accommodating larger groups as a meeting space inside open-plan spaces. A perfect interactive space for team meetings and brainstorming sessions and equally effective for confidentiality and privacy. The Into Concept Large Meeting Pod’s generous dimensions allow for multiple seating or desking configurations if used as a meeting space. Alternatively. this Large Meeting Pod is extremely versatile and can be used for multiple options. such as a modern boardroom or a relaxing breakout area. Available in a variety of finishes. this Large Meeting Pod creates a highly sophisticated look with a clean. modern design.

The Into Concept Large Meeting Pod is designed to fit 4 people comfortably but can hold up to 6-8 persons for impromptu short meetings and briefings. Depending on the furnishing options. this Large Meeting Pod is very adaptable and can meet multiple needs. Veneer or melamine outer options on 3 sides. a large laminated acoustic 10mm safety glass window. options for a solid or acoustic glass door give privacy yet an open element to this Large Meeting Pod. There are a selection of colour options on the full door/side panels options. An acoustic panel is featured on the interior ceiling with 4 LED lights. complementing the white inner finish. The floor and back wall of the Large Meeting Pod are also covered in Fletco Ex-dono quartet in a choice of 16 colours. lending a softer look to this hard-wearing commercial floor covering. To complete the sleek. uncomplicated outer design. the door handle has a stainless steel brushed satin finish. The generous dimensions of this Large Meeting Pod give an overall grand appearance to this impressive structure.


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