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Hush Twin Pod



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Hush Twin Pod

This Hush Pod is an creative and innovative office pod. with an out of the box design and a focus on maximizing space and pod functionality. It is essentially two conjoined pods . it consists of two separate workstations. each completely equipped to function as two separate phone pods each with their own sofa that look like one single unit.

Each section of the twin pod is equipped with its integrated own sofa and desk. with independent light and ventilation systems. as well as their own power and USB modules. The individual pods share a middle. diving wall to keep each pod private and isolated from each other to provide multiple private work areas.

Hush Twin Pod is the embodiment of efficiency in the use of office space. despite providing two individual working stations it utilizes a very small footprint while still providing complete comfort and privacy. With this Hush Pod you can instantly add private offices for two users. which will allow them to work in complete focus and concentration for prolonged periods of time. Alternatively the booth is perfect for teams who need multiple private work areas.


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