SoundProof Room Work Pods for $3300

Hoozone Large Pod



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Hoozone Large Pod is a no nonsense structure that offers a straightforward. quick solution to the lack of meeting rooms in offices and other open plan public spaces. This large meeting pod is highly flexible and adaptable as it has a bespoke quality that allows it to be configured to pretty much any size needed. meaning it can be the perfect solution for even the trickiest and tightness of spaces.

The structure of the Hoozone Large Pod is constructed from aluminium panels that can be finished in a variety of colours and with 2mm double glazed panels. as a standard. Nonetheless this large meeting pod can be configured to have laminate panels instead of glass for a more solid and robust appearance. The front of the Hoozone Large Pod is also fitted with a 8m glazed door that comes with a double row of opal frosted manifestation. to make sure safety is also the priority. On the inside. Hoozone Large Pod’ ceiling is covered with a 52mm sound absorbing panel. as well as 55mm sound absorbing wall panels that can turn the simple glass structure into a more private room with acoustic properties.


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