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Zenbooth Quad Pod



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Zenbooth Quad Pod

Zenbooth Quad is a generous. self-contained room. equipped with everything needed to host small meetings or work in team collaboration within a pleasant. quiet and fresh space. This meeting booth comes fully equipped with a motion activated air circulation system. making sure the room is always at a comfortable temperature and it is fitted with dimmable LED lights to keep workers well illuminated while working inside the booth.

To add to the feeling of freshness. the ceiling of the Zenbooth Quad is made of a four panel skylight in 1/2 shatterproof Plexiglass. creating a true sense of peaceful openness in these booths. For offices in need of a space for collaborative work. uncluttered space for their private meetings and phone calls. the Zenbooth Quad is the perfect solution.

This self-contained room easily fits into any office environment and provides a peaceful atmospheric booth for small groups. allowing for collaborative work within companies or for holding meetings away from distractions. With an impressive 312 square footage of acoustic performance. you’re sure to enjoy and have a quiet and productive atmosphere in this booth. ideal for small groups. The innovative insulated glass walls ensure privacy while giving the room exceptional natural light.

Plus. thanks to its quick installation process and removable parts. the Zenbooth Quad can be conveniently transported and reassembled wherever needed in the company environment. Perfect for businesses looking to create the ideal working environment. the Zenbooth Quad is easy to set up and use without ever having to worry about sacrificing your peace and quiet.

The Zenbooth Quad is fitted with power and USB ports giving company workers the tools needed to work efficiently. Accessibility and safety are at the core of the Zenbooth Quad. its 36 wide self-closing aluminum door with tempered safety glass has a 1/2 door threshold and 24 door handle. making access to this meeting booth easy and safe for all users.

It is also seismic anchor and fire sprinkler compatible. The Zenbooth Quad has covered everything in terms of functionality to provide workers with an optimum work and meeting space. and to top it all up. these booths have a highly aesthetic design. discreet enough to fit in with any existent office decor. while also adding an air of modernity.


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