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Zenbooth Duo Pod



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Zenbooth Duo Pod

The Zenbooth Duo pod provides the perfect quiet space where two people can meet for one on ones. discuss and create or simply work together in a silent and private room. it is ample enough to fit in two people and it is equipped to provide a peaceful and fully functional office phone call space.

Are you finding it difficult to collaborate in the office? You’re not alone! That’s why the Zenbooth Duo was created—the most affordable. comfortable. and versatile way to create space best collaboration for colleagues to work together. The perfect workspace solution for your office. this innovative product provides extra comfort during long working hours plus it adds a real sense of style too!

Using natural materials such as real wood and high-grade steel. the Zenbooth Duo pod allows up to two people to have quick standup meetings comfortably and privately and easily change positions. Great for quick standup meetings or impromptu conversations. the Zenbooth Duo is a common sense choice and will suit many spaces. The internal acoustic panelling will help keep private conversations confidential by providing sound reduction from outside noise while also enhancing conversation in the booth itself. Not only that. its modular design makes it easy to install so you can have it up and running in no time!

Plus. you will not sacrifice on comfort as each seater is upholstered using luxury fabric plus with adjustable angles on both sides of the Zenbooth Duo. your staff can find the most comfortable seating angle for them. If you want maximum comfort for each seat then why not add an optional electric blue cushion?

Overall. with its elegant appearance. maximum coziness and versatility the Zenbooth Duo is perfect for any office environment whether it’s big or small. So what are you waiting for? Start giving your team the ultimate place to collaborate today with this incredible product from Zenbooth!


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