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Silent Room Pod



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Silent Room Pod

Silent Room Pod is a great value meeting pod that can easily substitute common meeting rooms. Though meeting rooms are a necessity in every office. to hold private meetings and confidential one to ones. they are also a luxury. Nowadays it can be expensive to build in meeting rooms or it might be impossible due to building restrictions and lack of space. Silent Room Pod can be best described as a room within a room. a completely enclosed structure with space for up to two people. ideal for teamwork that requires concentration. or for confidential one to one meetings. all too common in todays’ work life. 

The Silent Room Pod is an intelligent construction. a welded frame with solid MFC panels that can be finished in a variety of natural wood looks or with upholstered side walls that can easily blend in. or stand out as needed. If the exterior wall panels are upholstered there is a wide variety of fabric finishes to choose from. and there is also an option to combine two different colours in the panels. This meeting pod also has a front clear glass wall with a door which allows a seamless connection between inside and outside.


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