SoundProof Room Work Pods for $3300

Enhance Productivity with Our Spacious Office Booth.Persy Meeting Pod



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Persy Meeting Pod is a fully enclosed pod with a simple and modern look that easily and instantly solves the lack of private and quiet meeting spaces in the modern-day. open plan office.

This meeting pod offers a 35db noise reduction thanks to the exceptional quality of its materials. it has a total of five layers of sound proofing materials such as an 8cm thick wall.

Similarly. though the front wall and door of this meeting pod is largely glass. this glass contains two layers of aocusic laminate that limits sound absorption.

On top of its great acoustic qualities. Persy Meeting Pod is also fully equipped with a powerful. yet quiet. ventilation system with motion activation. that keeps meeting attendants fresh and focused.

It also has an integrated motion-activated light system. as well as power and USB connections and there is an option to add a white board or a TV bracket to the back wall.


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