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Nook Solo Pod



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Nook Solo Pod

In today’s fast-paced work environment. finding a quiet and private space can be a challenge. That’s where the Nook Solo Pod comes in. Offering a personal haven in any setting. this sleek and modern phone booth is available either as a fully closed space or partially open for those who still want to interact with their surroundings. Whether you’re looking to make a private phone call or join a video conference. the Nook Solo provides a clean and very quiet environment designed to do so. Keep your work environment free from distractions and invest in the Nook Solo booth today.

The Nook Solo Booth is constructed with durable materials that are available in a variety of finishes. from laminate in the all time classics white or black to match any decor. to a variety of wood veneers to create a more natural feel in challenging space. The pitched roof adds a quirky yet stylish design element to this single person booth and and 1 recycled PET acoustic panels ensure superior soundproofing..

The Nook pod Solo booth is a private. semi-enclosed clean space that comfortably fits one person and provides a peaceful. ultimate quiet space to work. make video calls or simply sit in and relax. With the increase in individual video conferencing and video calls. Nook Solo provides a perfect shelter from chaotic environments and is also very popular in healthcare environments as a closed or partially open booth.

This single person booth has a simple. yet modern design. its semi-enclosed structure allows for free circulation of air and natural light. without compromising on privacy thanks to the acoustic upholstered panels in the interior of the booth and available in a variety of fabrics.

If this is not enough there is also an option to add screens or doors to increase the sense of enclosure. Similarly. the Nook Solo booth can be even more open and free flowing with an option to have the lower and upper rear wall panels removed to create a partially open booth.

To make this booth and challenging space even more customized. the lower and upper rear wall can also have branding added. to make it more a personal and private retreat. or have a white board to help jotting down ideas. Used in conjunction with other Nook Solos. branding can be advertised significantly across a group of Nook pods.


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