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Enjoy Uninterrupted Work Sessions in Our Comfortable Office Booth.Framery 2Q



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Framery 2Q

Are you looking for an exceptional meeting room solution? Working in an open office interior layout but annoyed by the constant office noise around? Framery 2Q is the perfect full size meeting room for groups of 4 to 6 people. Our easy-to-assemble system offers high performance acoustic insulation and smart. modern design features—all in one package.

With this great new space. your teams will be able to get more done with less disruption and distractions. This innovate Office Pod is designed with a signature design creates superior sound insulation and echo-free acoustics. allowing you to be more productive and create a comfortable working environment.

With its clever design. no matter where you sit. you can have all the privacy needed for focused work. And with adjustable LED lights and ventilation. this 2Q office is a versatile popular choice where larger meeting spaces are a requirement.

Not only a pod. the 2Q meeting is not only a pod but offers superb sound insulation. making the inside reverberation-free and allowing for privacy. Enjoy the comfort of a conference room in your own private space that blocks out any noise from outside while keeping conversations discreet.

From team brainstorming sessions to private phone calls. this office pod provides an environment where everyone can focus on what’s important without being interrupted by outside noise or distractions. No matter how small your office space may be. we have a solution that can turn any corner into an office pod and an effective gathering spot for productive collaboration and conversation.

Get ready for maximum productivity – day after day! It is perfect for small teams or individuals who need a comfortable place to work without any external interference. almost like an escape from reality complete with ergonomic furniture and calming colours.

Plus. it’s so much more than just an acoustic barrier – it helps create a functional yet relaxed setting to express their ideas without fear of being overheard by others! the 2Q meeting pod  is not only an outstanding meeting solution but can also help bring convenience. peace & quiet into your life! It can be a struggle to keep up with the endless stream of meetings day in and day out and that is where Framery 2Q meeting pod comes into its own.


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